We are currently working to produce an online catalogue of our collections which is available as part of the Catholic Heritage website. To search Westminster Diocesan Archives collections only, go to 'Advanced Search' and select 'Archives of the Archbishop of Westminster' in the repository drop down list.

At the moment, this only contains catalogue records for papers from the diocesan collection including records of parishes, many diocesan departments, bodies and structures and some papers of archbishops. This is a work in progress, so please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Additional hard copy lists and indexes are available for the following:

Archbishops of Westminster
Wiseman Papers
Vaughan Papers
Bourne and Hinsley Papers
Godfrey and Griffin Papers
Heenan Papers

'Historic' Collection (pre 1850 material)
A Series
A1-37 1509-1700
A38 1700-34 Bishops Leyburn & Giffard I
A39 1700-34 Bishop Giffard II
A40 1734-58 Bishop Petre
A41 1758-81 Bishop Challoner
A42 1781-89 Bishop James Talbot
A43 1791      Bishop Douglass I
A44 1792-93 Bishop Douglass II
A45 1793-94 Bishop Douglass III
A46 1795-96 Bishop Douglass IV
A47 1797-98 Bishop Douglass V
A48 1652-1789 Douai College
        1762-72 St Omers College
A49 1701-83 Roman College (Venerabile)
        1708-91 Lisbon College
        1628-1715 Lisbon College student register
        1762-77 Paris College
A55-68 Poynter Papers
A69-75 Bramston Papers

B Series (Supplementary Series)
B24-27 Roman Agency
B29 Stafford MSS

C Series (Manuscript Volumes of an Official Character)
E Series (Private Correspondence and Diaries)
E11 Correspondence of Cardinal York
F Series (Manuscript Treatises on Various Subjects)

Deposited Collections
Old Brotherhood of the English Secular Clergy
St Edmund's College, Ware
Catholic Evidence Guild
Catholic Students International Chaplaincy
National Conference of Priests

We are currently working to improve the quality of our catalogues. However, some of the hard copy lists and indexes are not completely accurate. Particular collections may have restrictions on access. Please contact us to discuss your research before planning a visit to avoid disappointment.